Thursday, December 31, 2009

Teaching tasks for intermediate and advanced skiers

These scenarios are common with beginner to intermediate skiers and equally common in a level III exam. In some cases they are looking for you to coach to a specific outcome (enhance pole use) and some times you have description of a student and you need to figure out the goal of the lesson along with the lesson plan.

Your homework is to sketch out this lesson in whatever way (writing, drawing, talking…) works for you.

Coach Movements/Skills that will enhance pole use in dynamic short turns.

Coach Movements/Skills that will enhance skiing the “sides” of bumps.

Coach Movements/Skills that will address “today’s” conditions while making dynamic medium turns on steep terrain.

Your student is a 48 year old female, athletic, raced in high school, too busy to ski much, but now the kids are in college and she can ski more often. She likes hard groomed snow and has trouble with other conditions. She skis parallel, with a narrow stance and sometimes lifts the tail of the inside ski.

Seasonal program – 10 year old boy making open track parallel turns on Blue and lower level Black terrain. Cold windy Saturday with firm conditions and he reverts to a power wedge at the top of the mountain.

12 year old girl wants to learn tricks in the park. She has never been in the park before and you are only able to do 360’s and slide on a wide box. What can you coach to prepare her to enter the park for the first time?

39 yr old male engineer in average physical condition just bought first pair of shaped skis and wants to hold better when conditions are icy. Wedge Christie Skier who skis the whole mountain.

Yoga teacher in her forties with a light build wants to know how it feels to carve when conditions are icy. Open Track Parallel Skier who has yet to discover how to bend the skis.

15-year-old male wants to improve his Nastar times; there are no gates available to practice with. Dynamic Parallel Skier who has yet to learn how to control speed in a series of short turns.

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